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Advice For Choosing Lens & Frame

General Advice
For Your Face
      The sizeof your frames can affect the look of the glasses on your face and how comfortable they are to wear:

THE TOP EDGE of the frames should not be higher than the line of your eyebrows.

THE BRIDGE design and position is the key to a comfortable fit.

THE LOWER EDGE of the frames should not sit on your cheeks, even when you smile, so that they don't rub or irriate.

THE SIZE should be in proportion to your face - if you have a small face, don't choose large glasses.

THE WIDTH of the frames should not be wider than the overall width of your face at the temples.

For Your Prescription
Even if you have a high prescription, it doesn't mean you need to choose large frames:

Lenses are thicker at the edges than in the centre. Choose a smaller frame style to reduce the effect - the edge of the lens will be thinner in larger styles.

Lenses are thicker in the centre than at the edges. Avoid larger frames to reduce the overall weight of your glasses. Some thin or rimless styles may not be suitable.

Face Shape
Choosing the right shape of frame
      In order to make the most flattering choice of frames, it's important to determine your face shape as accurately as possible. We have a good idea as to the frames that will create balance and complement the features and proportions of your face. Which face shape are you?
Oval Shape
      Most frames suit - although frames that are a little wider at the temple, symmetric and slightly angular will add dynamism to your face.
Rectangular Shape
      Generally are long and have a strong chin and chiselled cheekbones. They can have either distinctive angles or softness. To reduce length, choose frames with a middle bridge and side position or frames that are positioned slightly wider than the temple. Deep softer shapes will help shorten your bone structure.
Round Shape
      A contoured bone structure with soft features. Choose frames that add definition to the face and draw attention to the cheekbones, such as cat's eye or hexagonal frame shapes or shallow angular frames.
Square Shape
      Are characterised by a wider face with straight distinctive jawbones, often with plump cheeks and an even jaw and chin line. Add length, using a high side position. Narrow frame depth and soft angles will complement your features.

      The Deep frame colours mach for dark hair and eyes - black, brown, grey, dark blue and dark tortoiseshell.
      The Light frame colours for light hair and eyes - gold, silver, cream, beige, light blue, and light tortoiseshell.
      The Cool tone frames for an overall cool complexion - shiny silver, black, gun metal, grey and blue.
      Warm frame colours for an overall warm complexion - shiny gold, bronze, brown, sand, yellow, and tortoiseshell


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